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We provide general data analytic and specialized support to the Department of Health and Human Services. Our laboratory scientists and support staff at CDC and FDA analyze data from scientific projects and programs using appropriate programs (e.g., Excel, BLAST, etc.). We collect data, tabulate, and conduct basic data analysis calculations (Mean, SD, SEM). We summarize data and prepare graphs, tables and charts as requested by the Division Leads.

NCIRD Database Support

The CDC National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) plays a critical role in outbreak response, diagnostic epidemiology, vaccine development, and control of respiratory and vaccine-preventable disease nationally and globally including COVID-19. Our team assists in analyzing disease trends and CDC’s ability to integrate data reporting on existing platforms to study respiratory illnesses. We use advanced statistical programming (SAS and R) to collect data from multiple project site locations, cleaning data, validating the data, analyzing the data using advanced research and modeling.

We perform database and informatics support services to existing NCIRD databases including quality control, data verification, coordinate data entry and develop search strategies and program modules to facilitate data retrieval. We review NCIRD databases and provide recommendations on database concepts and techniques such as file structure and organization, access updating, integrity considerations, adaptability of present applications to database integration, backup requirements, conversion and consolidation of files, testing, and maintenance system limitations.

Statistician and Data Analyst Support for NCEZID

Goldbelt provides epidemiology support to the NCEZID Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion (DHQP). The mission of DHQP is to protect patients; protect healthcare personnel; and promote safety, quality, and value in both national and international healthcare delivery systems. To support this mission, our Statisticians and Data Analysts provide support to the Long Care Team (LTC) and MATT Care Team.

Our Senior Statisticians consult on all phases of study design and analyses with clinicians, medical epidemiologists, and scientific researchers in conducting national prevalence surveys, epidemiological studies, prevention research and other selected healthcare-related studies. We apply and recommend use of statistical principles, survey sampling design, longitudinal and time series data analysis, and computing using statistical software programs such SAS, SUDAAN and R. Our team utilizes research methodology and data collection tools to ensure that appropriate data are gathered and conducts data analyses including descriptive statistics, factor analyses, and various regression models. We extract and merge data from sources including the Emerging Infections Program and National Healthcare Safety Network for analysis. We prepare preliminary interpretations of analyses for sharing with scientific and public audiences and prepare reports for manuscript development. Our statisticians perform statistical analysis of complex surveillance using large data sets, including techniques for merging datasets from diverse sources and established statistical methodologies in the health sciences.

Goldbelt provides Data and Scientific Analytic Assistance to NCIRD’s MATT Team. We create code to conduct quality control and manipulation of data bases including merging, managing, and updating data; generating standard reports; performing data quality reviews; data editing/cleaning; and resolving data quality problems. Our Data Analysts create and submit SAS or R code to conduct statistical and epidemiological analyses in support of CDC scientists including frequency analyses, 2X2 analyses, and logistic regression. We also conduct data management analyses to draft and publish scientific papers. We also collaborate with diverse groups of epidemiologists, statisticians, programmers, medical officers, and project managers in response to data analytic requests related to the Surveillance Branch’s programmatic mission and Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) and COVID-19 program activities.

FDA Division of Risk Analysis Total Diet Study Support

Goldbelt provided data analysis to the Division of Risk Analysis (DRDA) within the Office of Analytics and Outreach (OAO) of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN). Part of this work included developing tools and procedures for large data sets to support the Total Diet Study program.

We developed analytical and evaluative methods and techniques to compile, analyze, evaluate, and summarize analytical results of chemical concentrations in foods data. We planned and conducted quality control on analytical data for pesticide residues and toxic elements. Our team created databases to fit FDA required data set standards and were responsible for maintain those databases. We developed new risk assessment models and model components and applied statistical and meta-analytic methods to available data and information required to develop and parameterize models.