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Goldbelt Professional Services strives to provide quality, effective Public Health Communication support to Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) including creating public campaigns and educational training materials, serving as a department communication liaison, and managing communications with internal and external partners. We provide this support in various capacities to several divisions within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

COVID-19 Health Communication Support for NCIRD

Goldbelt provides health communication support to the CDC National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), which plays a critical role in outbreak response, diagnostic epidemiology, vaccine development, and control of respiratory and vaccine-preventable disease nationally and globally including COVID-19.

Goldbelt provides communications support in the planning, implementation, management and evaluation of major public health communications, marketing programs, and complex public health campaigns involving vaccinations, respiratory, and bacterial diseases. Our team develops creative briefs outlining communication and marketing programs and strategies, applying social marketing practices and health communication theories to enhance program effectiveness.

We create communication products for multiple channels and audiences using plain language standards and clear communication best practices to prevent respiratory disease and outbreaks. Our team is tasked with creating infographics, webpages, fact sheets, posters, and other materials to increase awareness and prevention of viral diseases for digital and social media outreach. To ensure effective communication, we compile and analyze evaluation data (from web metrics, social media outreach, partner outreach, etc.) and provide recommendations.

We create and disseminate written materials to train and inform clinicians, health ministry officials, laboratory directors, and others on addressing emerging pathogens to protect national and international health security. This includes web materials, social media messages, talking points, and materials for the media. Our health communication experts prepare responses for news media and public inquiries, ensuring relevant stakeholders are included. We also prepare reports, public health guidance, and articles with a scientific foundation for public audiences.

Diabetes Education Communication Campaign Support for NCCDPHP

Goldbelt provides public health communications, social marketing, and media support to the CDC National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion’s (NCCDPHP) Division of Diabetes Translation (DDT). It is the lead Federal agency for the prevention and management of diabetes. The mission of DDT is to reduce the preventable burden of diabetes through public health leadership, partnership, research, programs, and policies that translate science into practice.

Our experts assist, guide, and support communication, creative services, subject matter experts, partners, and other public health staff to integrate recommendations and health communications into nutrition, physical activity, and obesity programs. This includes developing educational content, communication products, promotional materials, and other content while ensuring we deliver consistent messages in support of DDT’s strategic priorities.

Our experts develop culturally relevant, science-based Public Health Communication campaign projects and products to help fulfill the program’s mission of changing the way diabetes is managed, controlled, and prevented. We develop promotional materials, from videos to interactive graphics and electronic tools. Our team also provides graphic design support, developing graphic artwork including technical and commercial documents, presentations, pamphlets, brochures, and more. Our public health communications experts are tasked with launching and growing new social media channels for DDT, as well as writing and editing content for diverse website audiences.

Our experts assist DDT staff in preparing for public and media briefings by developing talking points, message maps, Q&A’s, fact sheets, and PowerPoint. We assist in the development and management of major releases and communication campaigns. We also provide crisis management response coordination, as needed.

We plan, implement, and evaluate marketing and outreach efforts to achieve their appointed program goals and positive health outcomes. Based on our evaluation, we provide analysis of data and recommendations for process improvement, problem resolution, or needed training, tools, or other action needed.

COVID-19 Health Communication and Educational Training Support for STLT

Goldbelt is supporting the CDC’s COVID-19 response by working with the State, Tribal, Local and Territorial STLT Support Section, one of several critical task forces that comprise CDC’s Incident Management Structure. Goldbelt is supporting STLT’s mission to mitigate and reduce the effects and spread of COVID-19. This includes developing training and communication materials to support the task force mission. Our team provides training-needs assessments, identifying critical education and resource gaps, barriers, and facilitators as well as actionable recommendations to rapidly address needs. We create just-in-time, 508-compliant education resources, provide exercises and activities to enhance the learning process, create supporting media, and conduct weekly 90-minute training sessions and educational interventions for STLT Task Force staff.