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Goldbelt provides program support across several Centers, Divisions, Branches, and Offices with the CDC and FDA. Some of our most prevalent labor categories in this area include Program Manager, Program Analyst, and Program Support Specialist.

Program Manager Support

We provide Program Managers on all our contracts throughout the FDA and CDC. Our dedicated Program Managers (PM) are backed by our corporate team with all the resources and experience needed to ensure successful contract transitions, contract performance and customer satisfaction.

Our PMs provide overall assistance and ensure that the technical requirements and schedules in the contract are being fully supported in a timely manner. They assist with programming and systems supporting the task order. They organize, direct, and coordinates estimating, planning, conducting, producing, monitoring, and reporting of all the contractor’s personnel support activities. They assign, schedule, and review work of subordinates. They plan, direct, control, schedule, coordinate, and organize utilization and management of task.

Our PMs’ daily interactions and communications provide appropriate performance oversight of all contract employees. They ensure required contract deliverables are submitted and all contractual, legal, and performance requirements are met or exceeded. Our PMs provide guidance and advice and oversee service quality, deliverables, and validate all expenditures to ensure the program meets all cost controls and constraints.

Program Support Specialist

Our Program Support Specialists provide support to CDC NCCDPHP DDT and CDC NCBDDD STLT. We ensure office activities are compliant with management policies/procedures. We identify issues and develop recommendations to resolve substantive problems with the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative operations within Division programs. We plan and conduct studies of processes and management systems to evaluate existing policies and other analytical and operational activities. We provide planning and logistical support for presentations, meetings, conference calls, and seminars. Prepare documents such as memoranda, letters, reports, articles, manuscripts, tabular and statistical material, using a variety of software. We provide technical assistance, consultation, and guidance on personnel actions and procurement actions. We develop and maintain standard operating procedures for executing programmatic and operational requests. We prepare financial reports using on-line financial systems, monitor budget including tracking expenditures and providing reports. Our Program Support Specialists serve as primary liaison between program and administrative office.

Program Analyst Support

Goldbelt provides Program Analyst support to CDC NCEZID DHQP. We review, analyze, and evaluate written material, statistical data, and a variety of other information as a means of developing recommendations for the development and determination of COVID-19 program and process improvement needs. We prepare and track data collection requests submitted to the Office of Management and Budget for approval to collect COVID-19 data through NHSN. We participate in and provide resources to facilitate nursing home participation in infection prevention collaboratives and related activities. We serve as a health educator, presenting lectures and webinars, and working to revise and develop curricula and teaching materials including information provided using latest technology for national dissemination operations. We disseminate scientific information related to COVID-19, healthcare associated infections, and other NHSN data in the form of presentations, reports, slides, and other materials.